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Tarentum and Brackenridge Shared Police Department

(Effective:  August 1, 2023)

You may contact the Police Department at the following numbers:


Office Phone Number:  (724) 224-1515


Non-Emergency Number: (412) 473-3056


Emergencies: 911

Borough officials from Brackenridge and Tarentum signed an intergovernmental agreement on July 28, 2023, for shared Police Services between the two communities.

As of August 1, Tarentum Borough Police Department are responsible for policing Brackenridge and Tarentum. The three officers from Brackenridge were absorbed into Tarentum's existing force, allowing us to continue a local police presence in the area.


We are looking forward to working with both boroughs and thank you for your support.


Tarentum Borough Police Department, serving Brackenridge

Police Text

In Memory of Chief Justin McIntire

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