Brackenridge Borough

The official website of the Borough of Brackenridge

Elected Officials

Thomas Kish - Mayor

Timothy Connelly - Councilman from 1st Ward - President

John Stanzione - Councilman from 2nd Ward - Vice President/Police Committee Chairman

Brian Kish- Councilman from 3rd Ward - Parks & Recreation Committee Chairman

Timothy Kolar - Councilman from 2nd Ward - Water Committee Chairman

Dino Lopreiato - Councilman from 1st Ward - Finance Committee Chair

Verne Petz - Councilman from 3rd Ward - Street Committee Chair

Melinda Cattley - Tax Collector

Appointed Officials

Rick Jones - Emergency Management Coordinator

Senate Engineering - Engineer

Craig Alexander - Solicitor

Merge & Hill - Auditor

Denise Tocco - Secretary/Treasurer

Barb Jones - Office Clerk